§ 10.20.050. Application for permit; fees, issuance.  

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  • Permits required by this Chapter may be issued to any municipally operated utility or public utility corporations having a franchise or agreement to operate in the City, upon application and subject to approval by the City Engineer. Such Person will be invoiced by the City with payment due within thirty-six (36) days of the invoice.

    Any other eligible Person, other than those expressly excepted in Section 10.20.030, desiring a permit shall first make application to the City Engineer and shall pay a processing fee per block for cutting a paved surface in City Right of way as listed in Section 10.34.010, plus any repair costs incurred by the City. The City Engineer may require Excavation by trenchless methods.

    A surcharge fee is assessed when an Excavation is made in any paved street or alley on which the pavement or resurfaced pavement is less than five (5) years old. The surcharge fee is five (5) percent of the permit fee plus the repair costs for each un-elapsed month, or fraction thereof, of the five (5) year period.

    The permit fee, including any applicable surcharge fee, combined with the costs to the City for permanently repairing the pavement cut, constitutes the total permit fee.

    A processing fee as listed in Section 10.34.010 shall be required for a permit to excavate in any unpaved City Right of way for the purpose of laying, repairing, or removing any main pipes, underground wires or other conduits. One permit shall be required for each block or portion of a block if the work is done with continuity. For the purpose of connecting, repairing or removing service pipes, underground pipes, underground wires or other conduits, or for any other purpose not specifically mentioned herein, one permit shall be required for each connection unless such connection is made at the time of laying the main.

    Permits are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

(Ord. No. 50-182 § 5, 4-26-16; Ord. No. 50-337 § 1, 10-11-16)