§ 2.12.1093. Utility location and coordination council—Established—Membership—Terms—Compensation  

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  • There is established a utility location and coordination council that shall have a membership of nine appointees to the executive board, one from each of the following:

    (1) Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company—Division manager;

    (2) City of Wichita—Director of public works;

    (3) City of Wichita—Director of water and water pollution control, and Wichita gas utility;

    (4) The gas service company—Division manager;

    (5) Kansas Gas & Electric Company—Regional manager;

    (6) Southwestern Bell Telephone Company—Division manager;

    (7) Wichita-Sedgwick county metropolitan area planning department—Director of planning;

    (8) Air Capital Cablevision, Inc.—Manager of franchising and development,

    (9) Sedgwick county director of public works/engineer.

    Appointments to the council shall bear no time-of-service limitations and shall be made by the respective directors of the above-listed organizations following written notification to the city council.

    All members of the council shall serve without compensation.

(Ord. No. 35-559 (part))