§ 3. Skywalk components and design standards.  

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  • The skywalk bridge to be constructed by the Grantee shall, in addition to any other requirements set forth herein, encompass components in accordance with the following standards:


    Bridge. The skywalk bridge between the two buildings shall be built at a minimum width of twelve (12) feet or as determined by Grantee and the City to be appropriate for architectural compatibility. The bridge shall have a minimum of thirty (30) feet vertical clearance above the existing street grade at the centerline of main street and at the existing tops of the east and west curbs of said street, and the skywalk bridge shall appear to maintain a horizontal alignment and not an inclined alignment.


    Vertical Access Facilities. A vertical access facility shall provide access to the skywalk bridge from the street through a ground-level corridor within each building that the skywalk is connected to and may consist of either one or more stairway, elevator or escalator, or a combination thereof.


    Climate Control. The skywalk bridge shall be enclosed so as to be protected from the effects of natural elements and shall be maintained at a temperature reasonably comparable to that of the encompassing or connected buildings.


    Graphics. At such time that the skywalk system operated by Grantee is connected to other skywalk systems then skywalk bridge graphics will have a consistent design and location as follows:


    Logo. A logo will be developed by the city which shall be used to identify access to the skywalk system through the buildings that will connect to the skywalk bridge. The logo will be placed on doors which serve or lead to vertical access to the skywalk bridge.


    Directional Signs. Directional signs shall be provided that point the way from a ground level access to each building to the skywalk bridge and from the skywalk bridge to the ground level exit of the other building. All directional signs will be attached to concourse ceilings in a perpendicular fashion and will be illuminated if necessary. Such signs shall be longlasting and easy to clean and maintain and shall establish a consistent pattern among common components and enhance the attractiveness of surrounding areas.


    City Furnishes. Logo and directional signs will be furnished by the City.


    Flooring. The skywalk bridge shall contain permanent, hard-surfaced floors of material or material carpeting that is maintained by Grantee in good condition. Flooring for any ramp that is required shall be of a nonslip material and the incline shall be no greater than 8.3 percent (one foot vertically for every 12 feet horizontally).


    Lighting. Minimum ceiling height shall be eight (8) feet and no objects other than directional signs shall be suspended from the ceiling. Lighting fixtures shall be recessed or attached in immediate proximity to the ceiling. Artificial lighting intensity shall be a minimum of 20 f.c. at the floor and supplied by a circuit which is not susceptible to total interruption.


    Walls. The skywalk bridge shall be enclosed with glass panels sufficient to provide at least sixty percent (60%) transparency, excluding structural framing members, distributed evenly along the span so as to achieve an open character and reveal pedestrian use of the structure.


    Public Access Requirements. The public shall have the right to use the skywalk bridge and the vertical accesses thereto for purposes of ingress and egress of pedestrian transit without limitation during the hours that Grantee bank's operation is open to the public for business within the First National Bank Building. At such time that the skywalk system constructed under this franchise is connected to other skywalk systems, then the hours of operation for access of the public to the skywalk bridge shall be open during the normal operating business hours of the connected buildings.


    Plans and Specifications. Plans and specifications for the enclosed skywalk bridge and vertical accesses from groundlevel of both buildings to the skywalk bridge shall be prepared in accordance with the design standards and requirements contained herein. Such plans and specifications shall be provided to the City of Wichita prior to the commencement of construction. The construction of such skywalk bridge shall not commence until the plans and specifications have been approved by the City. The City shall review the plans and specifications in accordance with the design standards and requirements contained herein and approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Construction of the skywalk bridge shall be in accordance with plans and specifications filed with and approved by the City, and shall comply with the applicable building and fire codes in effect at the time of approval.