§ 1. Definitions.  

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  • For purposes of this ordinance, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given herein:

    "KINNET" or "Company"-KIN Network, Inc.

    "City"-The City of Wichita, Kansas.

    "Facilities"-Telephone and telecommunication lines, conduits, wires, cables, pipes, poles, towers, vaults, and appliances, either under or above ground.

    "Public improvement"-Any existing or contemplated public facility, building, or capital improvement project, including without limitation streets, alleys, sidewalks, sewer, water, drainage, right-of-way improvement, and public projects.

    "Public project"-Any project planned or undertaken by the City or any governmental entity for construction, reconstruction, maintenance, or repair of public facilities or public improvements, or any other purpose of a public nature.

    "Right-of-way"-Present and future streets, alleys, rights-of-way, and public easements, including easements dedicated in plats of the City of Wichita, Kansas.