§ 4. Grant of Easements.  

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  • As partial consideration for this ordinance, KINNET agrees to grant to the City without additional cost, as may be reasonably required by the City for public projects, such easements as KINNET may have in property that has been or hereafter is conveyed to the City. When necessary, the City shall provide KINNET with new locations within the right-of-way for KINNET's facilities located in such easements, which relocation shall be at no cost to the City. It is understood that such grant or relocation and the costs associated therewith are the responsibility of KINNET but the costs thereof may be borne by others in accordance with the Subdivision Regulations of the City or by agreement between KINNET and parties owning or conveying property. KINNET shall not be required to make the payments herein relative to any easement granted under this section but shall be subject to all other provisions of this ordinance.