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    Compliance With Laws. The Franchisee shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, ordinances, regulations and policies, including, but not limited to, all laws, ordinances, regulations and policies relating to construction and use of public property.


    Enforcement; Attorneys' Fees. The City and Franchisee shall be entitled to enforce this Franchise through all remedies lawfully available, and shall pay to the other reasonable attorneys' fees in the event that it is determined judicially to have violated the terms of this Franchise.


    Advertising, Signs or Extraneous Markings. Franchisee shall not place, or cause to be placed, any sort of signs, advertisements or other extraneous markings, whether relating to Franchisee or any other person or entity on the public Right-of-Way, except such necessary minimal markings as approved by the City as are reasonably necessary to identify the Facilities for service, repair, maintenance or emergency purposes, or as may be otherwise required to be affixed by applicable law or regulation.


    Removal of Facilities. Upon expiration of this Franchise, whether by lapse of time, by Franchise between Franchisee and the City, or by forfeiture thereof, Franchisee shall remove, at its sole cost, from public property any and all of its Facilities that are the subject of this Franchise within a reasonable time after such expiration, and it shall be the duty of Franchisee promptly upon such removal to restore the Right-of-Way from which the Facilities are removed to as good condition as the same were before the removal was effected and as required by the City. Notwithstanding the foregoing, upon request of Franchisee, the City may allow underground Facilities to be left in place when it is not practical or desirable to require removal.