§ 5. Payments and charges.  

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  • The payments and compensation herein provided shall be in lieu of all other licenses, taxes, charges, and fees, except that the usual general property taxes and special ad valorem property taxes, sales and excise taxes, and any permit fees and charges for pavement cuts or other permit fees and charges based on restoring premises to their same condition, or charges made for privileges which are not in any way connected with the natural gas business, as such, will be imposed on the Company and are not covered by the payments herein. From and after the date hereof, however, the permit fees required of the Company by Code § 10.20.050 or any ordinance hereafter adopted for a permit to excavate in any unpaved street, alley, or other public place is deemed a part of the compensation paid in Section 4 and shall not be separately assessed or collected by the City; in no event, however, shall this provision be interpreted to waive the requirement of notice to the City and the procedural requirements of such ordinance.