§ 8. Copies of tariffs and filings.  

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  • The Company shall maintain a file of, and keep up to date, all tariffs, rules, regulations, and policies approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) pertaining to the franchise. The Company shall timely provide the City with copies of all tariffs, filings for tariffs, and related information relevant to the Company's tariff application or proposal before the KCC affecting rates and services relating to municipal use or otherwise impacting the City. In addition, the Company will provide the City, at the City's request, copies of other filings which it makes with the KCC, including, but not limited to, its annual report, all advice letters, and all pre-filed testimony and exhibits. Receipt of any such matters by the City shall not constitute service of documents otherwise required by law nor shall such receipt constitute any entry of appearance by the City or acknowledgment of jurisdiction over the City in such matters.