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  • (a)

    The City reserves the right to lay, and permit to be laid, storm sewer, gas, water, wastewater and other pipe lines, cables, and conduits, and to do and permit to be done any underground or overhead work that may be necessary or proper in, across, along, over, or under the Right-of-Way occupied by the Company. The City also reserves the right to change, in any manner, any curb, sidewalk, highway, alley, public way or street. In permitting such work to be done, the City shall not be liable to the Company for any damage so occasioned, but nothing herein shall relieve any other Person from responsibility for damages to the Facilities of the Company.


    If the City shall require the Company to adapt or conform its Electric Utility System, or in any way or manner to alter, relocate, or change its property to enable any other Person to use, or use with greater convenience, said Right-of-Way, the Company shall not be bound to make any such changes until such other Person shall have undertaken, with good and sufficient bond, to reimburse the Company for any cost, loss, or expense which will be caused by, or arise out of such change, alteration, or relocation of the Company's property. Provided, however, that the City shall never be liable for such reimbursement due to the Company from such Person.