§ 20. Grantee Requirements.  

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  • (a)

    When not otherwise prescribed herein, all matters herein required to be filed with the City shall be filed with the City Clerk.


    The Grantee shall pay to the City a sum of money sufficient to reimburse it for all publication expenses incurred by it in connection with the granting of a franchise. Such payment shall be made within thirty days after the City furnishes the Grantee with a written statement of such expenses.


    The Grantee shall maintain an office within the City limits or at a location which subscribers may call without incurring added message or toll charges so that cable maintenance service shall be promptly available to subscribers at all times.


    Inquiries or complaints from subscribers shall be received during normal business hours. Monday through Friday. All complaints and inquiries will be investigated, responded to, or acted upon as promptly as practical. Written notice of this complaint procedure, including the identity of the City office responsible for receiving unresolved complaints, shall be given to each subscriber at the time of initial subscription to the cable system. Upon request, Grantee shall allow inspection of complaint files or provide the City with periodic reports listing the number and nature of subscriber complaints and actions taken to resolve them.


    Upon the request of a subscriber, Grantee shall provide a pro rata billing abatement to any subscriber who is without service through no fault of the subscriber for a period of over 24 hours.


    No persons, firm, or corporation in the existing service area of the Grantee shall be arbitrarily refused service and no resident of the City or group of residents will be denied service because of the income of the residents of the local area in which such resident or group resides; provided, however, that the Grantee shall be not required to provide service to any subscriber who does not pay the applicable connection fee or monthly service charge.


    Grantee shall remain a member of and participate in the Utility Location and Coordination Council established by Sections 2.12.1093 through 2.12.1097 of the Code of the City of Wichita, Kansas, and any amendment thereto and shall participate in joint funding with other utilities.