§ 16.04.010. Definitions  

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  • Unless otherwise expressly stated or the context clearly indicates a different intention, the following terms shall, for the purpose of this title, have the meanings indicated in this section:

    (a) The "administrative authority" duly appointed to enforce this Code shall be the superintendent of central inspection.

    (b) "Main" or "city sewer" means any sewer maintained and controlled by the city.

    (c) "Building sewer" or "drain" or "private sewer" means a sewer maintained and controlled by private persons for the purpose of conveying sewage or stormwater to the city sewers. The building sewer shall begin at a point two feet outside the outer face of the building foundation wall.

    (d) "Trap" means a device so constructed as to prevent the passage of air or gas through a pipe without materially affecting the flow of sewage or wastewater therein.

    (e) "Saddle" is a short section of clay tile, aluminum alloy, poly vinyl chloride (commonly known as PVC plastic) or acrylonitrile-butadienestyrene (commonly known as ABS plastic) manufactured expressly for the purpose of overlapping a tap hole made in the main or city sewer for connection purposes.

    (f) "Wye" is a fitting or a joint of tile having an opening on the side at an angle of approximately forty-five degrees to which the building sewer or drain is connected.

    (g) "Connection to a sewer or drain" means and includes furnishing and laying sewer tile from a city sewer or private sewer to a building.

    (h) "One ton of refrigeration in air-conditioning or refrigerating systems" is the unit of capacity or refrigeration equivalent to the removal of heat at the rate of twelve thousand BTU per hour. One compressor horsepower will be accepted as equivalent to one ton of refrigeration.

    (i) "Master drain layer" is a person who is qualified, licensed by the city and equipped to properly serve the public on installations, repairs and maintenance of building sewers and their appurtenances. A licensed master plumber is deemed to be a master drain layer by definition.

    (j) "Journeyman drain layer" is a person who holds a legal certificate issued by the city showing him to be qualified to install or repair sewers under the direction of a qualified master drain layer or a journeyman plumber who holds a legal certificate, who has passed a written examination as required in Section 16.04.450, and who has demonstrated his ability to lay drain pipe under the direction of a qualified master drain layer to the satisfaction of the superintendent of central inspection. A journeyman plumber is deemed to be a journeyman drain layer by definition.

    (k) "Sewer cleaner" means any person licensed by the city to engage in the cleaning of building sewers, drains or private sewers.

    (l) "Mobile home" means any portable structure or vehicle designed for highway travel which is used, or intended to be used for living, sleeping, cooking, and eating, and which includes a kitchen sink, a flush water closet, a lavatory, a bathtub or shower, a stove and a refrigerator.

    (m) "Mobile home park" means land used or intended to be used by one or more occupied mobile homes.

    (n) "Mobile home space" means a plot of ground within a mobile home park which is designated to accommodate one mobile home.

(Ord. No. 43-344 § 1)