§ 16.04.190. Trap districts  

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  • In sections of the city where the wye openings into the city sewer are four inches or larger and where trap districts have been established by the city engineer, traps shall be installed.

    In sections of the city where the wye openings into the city sewer are four inches, the installation of traps is not necessary unless such installation is within a trap district as established by the city engineer and except as specified in Section 16.04.200.

    All traps on building sewers or drains shall be four inches or larger.

    All traps shall be placed inside of the property line, except where the space between buildings and the street, alley or public highway will not permit. If a riser is used, it shall be a four-inch pipe, extending up to approximately the surface of a public alley, street, or other public way. A riser shall be used when the trap is located under the paved surface of a public alley, street or other public way. The riser shall be protected by a cast-iron frame and cover conforming in size, weight and design to the standard plan and specifications on file in the office of the superintendent of sewer maintenance and the city engineer. The cast-iron frame and cover shall be set on a brick or a concrete foundation.

    Building traps may be constructed on-site of materials which are approved for building sewers. When such traps are fabricated they shall be assembled as follows: The trap shall be constructed using four one-eighth bends and two sections of pipe to maintain a minimum of a four inch trap seal. The two sections of pipe shall be inserted between the two one-eighth bends forming the forty-five degree vertical sections of the inlet and outlet of the trap.

(Ord. 43-344 § 9)