§ 16.04.200. Mobile home parks  

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  • CONNECTIONS GENERALLY. Connections for mobile homes located on a mobile home park may be available from a network of sewers on such mobile home park. In any network of sanitary sewer facilities on a mobile home park, all pipe used shall be as authorized in preceding sections, unless otherwise specified in this section. No pipe of less than four-inch diameter shall be used for individual mobile home connections and no pipe of less than six-inch diameter shall be used for the trunk lines in a sewer network, and a six-inch cleanout shall be provided at the upper terminal of any six-inch line.

    SIZE OF TRAPS. A four-inch or larger trap shall be installed where connection is made from a network or individual mobile home service to the city sanitary sewer.

    MOBILE HOME CONNECTION. Each mobile home space shall be provided with no less than a four inch sewer connection. Such individual connection shall be provided with suitable fittings so that a water-tight connection can be made between the mobile home and the sewer. The connection shall be so constructed that it can be and is closed when not connected to the mobile home. A four-inch cleanout shall be provided. The connection shall be of approved materials. The connection shall extend a minimum of four inches above ground or expected surface water, whichever is higher.

(Ord. 43-344 § 10)