Title 2. Administration And Personnel  

Chapter 2.02. Interim Government During Disaster
Chapter 2.04. City Council
Chapter 2.05. Ongoing Disclosure—Bonds And Temporary Notes
Chapter 2.08. Administrative Code
Chapter 2.10. Wichita Community Advisory Board
Chapter 2.12. Boards, Agencies And Commissions
Chapter 2.16. Bonds
Chapter 2.18. Depositories
Chapter 2.20. Disposal Of Property—Lost, Stolen, Unclaimed Or Confiscated
Chapter 2.21. Disposal Of Property—Used Or Obsolete
Chapter 2.24. Assessments For Improvements
Chapter 2.25. Expense Recovery For Environmental Emergency Response
Chapter 2.26. Schedules Of Fees For Planning And Zoning Applications
Chapter 2.27. Expense Recovery For Alcohol Or Drug Related Vehicle Accident Emergency Response
Chapter 2.28. Retirement System
Chapter 2.30. Voluntary Deferred Compensation Plan
Chapter 2.32. Policemen's And Firemen's Pension Fund
Chapter 2.36. Firemen's Relief Association
Chapter 2.40. Federal Social Security
Chapter 2.44. Reserve Police Force
Chapter 2.56. Campaign Contribution And Expenditure Reports
Chapter 2.61. District Advisory Boards
Chapter 2.62. Defense Of Suits Brought Against City Officers Or Employees
Chapter 2.64. Purchasing Policy
Chapter 2.74. Employee Benefit Contribution Fund


Ch. 2.02. Interim Government During Disaster
Ch. 2.04. City Council
Ch. 2.05. Ongoing Disclosure—Bonds and Temporary Notes
Ch. 2.08. Administration Code
Ch. 2.10 Wichita Community Advisory Board
Ch. 2.12. Boards, Agencies and Commissions
Ch. 2.16. Bonds
Ch. 2.18. Depositories
Ch. 2.20. Disposal of Property—Lost, Stolen, Unclaimed or Confiscated
Ch. 2.21. Disposal of Property—Used or Obsolete
Ch. 2.24. Assessments for Improvements
Ch. 2.25. Expense Recovery for Environmental Emergency Response
Ch. 2.26. Schedules of Fees for Planning and Zoning Applications
Ch. 2.27. Expense Recovery for Alcohol or Drug Related Vehicle Accident Emergency Response
Ch. 2.28. Retirement System
Ch. 2.30. Voluntary Deferred Compensation Plan
Ch. 2.32. Policemen's and Firemen's Pension Fund
Ch. 2.36. Firemen's Relief Association
Ch. 2.40. Federal Social Security
Ch. 2.44. Reserve Police Force
Ch. 2.52. Municipal Employees' Group Life Insurance
Ch. 2.56. Campaign Contribution and Expenditure Reports
Ch. 2.61. District Advisory Boards
Ch. 2.62. Defense of Suits Brought Against City Officers or Employees
Ch. 2.64. Purchasing Policy
Ch. 2.74. Employee Benefit Contribution Fund