§ 20.04.120. Hearings—Right of person aggrieved by service of notices, etc.; filing of petition; setting time and place; postponement  

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  • Any person affected by any notice which has been issued in connection with the enforcement of any provisions of this chapter, except Section 20.04.180 hereof, or of any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto, who is aggrieved thereby, and who believes the same to be contrary to the policies or regulations of the city, may request and shall be granted an informal hearing on the matter before the superintendent of central inspection or his designated representative; provided that such person shall file in the office of the superintendent of central inspection a written petition requesting such informal hearing and setting forth a brief statement of the grounds therefor, within ten days after the day notice was served. Upon receipt of such petition, the superintendent of central inspection shall set a time and place for such informal hearing and shall give the petitioner written notice thereof. At such informal hearing, the petitioner shall be given an opportunity to be heard and to show why such notice should be modified or withdrawn. The informal hearing shall be commenced not later than ten days after the day on which the petition was filed; provided that upon application of the petitioner, the superintendent of central inspection may postpone the date of the informal hearing for a reasonable time beyond such ten day period, if in his judgment the petitioner has submitted a good and sufficient reason for such postponement.

(Ord. No. 27-902 § 12)