§ 20.04.170. Emergency orders; hearings  

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  • Whenever the superintendent of central inspection or his designated representative finds that an emergency exists which requires immediate action to protect the public, he may, without notice or hearing, issue an order reciting the existence of such an emergency and requiring that such action be taken as he deems necessary to meet the emergency. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this chapter, such order shall be effective immediately. Any person to whom such order is directed shall comply therewith immediately, but upon petition to the superintendent of central inspection shall be afforded an informal hearing as soon as possible. After such hearing, depending upon his findings as to whether the provisions of this chapter and of the rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto have been complied with, the superintendent of central inspection shall continue such order in effect, or modify it, or revoke it.

(Ord. No. 27-902 § 16)