Title 3. Business—Regulations And Licensing  

Chapter 3.01. Utility Regulation
Chapter 3.02. Property Taxes
Chapter 3.03. Retailer's Sales Tax
Chapter 3.04. In General
Chapter 3.05. Adult Entertainment Establishments And Adult Hotels
Chapter 3.07. Escort Services
Chapter 3.08. Miscellaneous Fees
Chapter 3.09. Animal Exhibitions, Rodeos And Animal Shows
Chapter 3.10. Portable Storage Container Contractor Licensing
Chapter 3.11. Community Events
Chapter 3.12. Theaters And Shows
Chapter 3.13. Reserved
Chapter 3.14. Parades
Chapter 3.16. Community Antenna Television Systems
Chapter 3.20. Amusement Parks And Rides
Chapter 3.22. Haunted Houses, Halloween Houses And Mystery Mansions
Chapter 3.24. Coin-Operated Amusement And Music Devices
Chapter 3.26. Permits For Charitable Solicitation Events
Chapter 3.28. Dances And Dance Halls
Chapter 3.30. Entertainment Establishments
Chapter 3.32. Business Termination And Liquidation Sales
Chapter 3.36. Auctions And Auctioneers
Chapter 3.40. Alarm Systems
Chapter 3.44. Miscellaneous Sales
Chapter 3.48. Motor Vehicle Wrecking
Chapter 3.49. Wrecker Services
Chapter 3.51. Solid Waste Collection And Disposal
Chapter 3.52. Solid Waste Transfer Stations
Chapter 3.56. Bathhouses And Massage Salons
Chapter 3.64. Advertising—Vehicular
Chapter 3.66. Advertising—Distributing Signs, Bills And Posters
Chapter 3.68. Reserved
Chapter 3.72. Private Security Officers And Private Security Agencies
Chapter 3.74. Funeral Escort Service Licensing
Chapter 3.80. Ambulances
Chapter 3.82. Medi-Coaches
Chapter 3.84. Wichita Taxicab Code
Chapter 3.85. Charter Limousine Service
Chapter 3.88. Airport Limousines
Chapter 3.89. Ice Cream Street Vendors
Chapter 3.90. Scrap Processors
Chapter 3.91. Cultural Markets
Chapter 3.92. School Bus Franchise
Chapter 3.93. Communications Services
Chapter 3.94. Organized Farmer's Markets
Chapter 3.95. Itinerant Merchants
Chapter 3.96. Home Occupations
Chapter 3.97. Street And Sidewalk Vending
Chapter 3.98. Laundromats


Ch. 3.01. Utility Regulation
Ch. 3.02. Property Taxes
Ch. 3.03. Retailer's Sales Tax
Ch. 3.04. In General
Ch. 3.05. Adult Entertainment Establishments and Adult Hotels
Ch. 3.07. Escort Services
Ch. 3.08. Miscellaneous Fees
Ch. 3.09. Animal Exhibitions, Rodeos and Animal Shows
Ch. 3.10. Portable Storage Container Contractor Licensing
Ch. 3.11. Community Events
Ch. 3.12. Theaters and Shows
Ch. 3.13. Reserved
Ch. 3.14. Parades
Ch. 3.16. Community Antenna Television Systems
Ch. 3.20. Amusement Parks and Rides
Ch. 3.22. Haunted Houses, Halloween Houses and Mystery Mansions
Ch. 3.24. Coin-Operated Amusement and Music Devices
Ch. 3.26. Permits For Charitable Solicitaion Events
Ch. 3.28. Dances and Dance Halls
Ch. 3.30. Entertainment Establishments
Ch. 3.32. Business Termination and Liquidation Sales
Ch. 3.36. Auctions and Auctioneers
Ch. 3.40. Alarm Systems
Ch. 3.44. Miscellaneous Sales
Ch. 3.48. Motor Vehicle Wrecking
Ch. 3.49. Wrecker Services
Ch. 3.51. Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
Ch. 3.52. Solid Waste Transfer Stations
Ch. 3.56. Bathhouses and Massage Salons
Ch. 3.64. Advertising—Vehicular
Ch. 3.66. Advertising—Distributing Signs, Bills and Posters
Ch. 3.68. Reserved
Ch. 3.72. Private Merchant Police, Watchmen and Security Officers
Ch. 3.74. Funeral Escort Service Licensing
Ch. 3.80. Ambulances
Ch. 3.82. Medi-Coaches
Ch. 3.84. Wichita Taxicab Code
Ch. 3.85. Charter Limousine Service
Ch. 3.88. Airport Limousines
Ch. 3.89. Ice Cream Street Vendors
Ch. 3.90. Scrap Processors
Ch. 3.91. Cultural Markets
Ch. 3.92. School Bus Franchise
Ch. 3.93. Communications Services
Ch. 3.94. Organized Farmer's Markets
Ch. 3.95. Itinerant Merchants
Ch. 3.96. Home Occupations
Ch. 3.97. Street and Sidewalk Vending
Ch. 3.98. Laundromats