§ 5.34.050. Notice of violations  

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  • Whenever the superintendent of central inspection shall determine that there has been a violation of any provisions of this chapter constituting a public nuisance, he shall give notice of such alleged violation to the person or persons responsible therefor as hereinafter provided. Such notices shall conform to the following:

    (1) They shall be in writing;

    (2) The violations alleged to exist or to have been committed shall be itemized;

    (3) They shall provide time for correction of the violation, such time not to exceed forty-eight hours; provided, that until corrections have been made it shall be the duty of the person responsible therefor to provide a guard at such location; and

    (4) They shall be addressed to and served upon the owner and occupants of the premises, if there be any such occupants;

    (5) Provided, that such notices shall be deemed properly served upon such owner, operator, or occupant if a copy thereof is sent by certified mail to his last known address; provided further, if the notice cannot be conveniently served by the aforedescribed method of service, service of the notice is to be made upon such person or persons by at least one publication in the official newspaper of the city, such publication to contain the conditions of notice.

(Ord. No. 28-743 § 3; Ord. No. 27-273 § 5)