Title 7. Public Health  

Chapter 7.04. In General
Chapter 7.08. Garbage And Refuse
Chapter 7.12. DEAD ANIMALS AND OFFAL(Not Disposed of as Garbage)
Chapter 7.20. Restaurants
Chapter 7.22. Food Establishments
Chapter 7.25. Child Care Facilities
Chapter 7.30. Water Wells
Chapter 7.40. Environmental Health Standards
Chapter 7.41. Noise
Chapter 7.42. Odor Regulation
Chapter 7.44. Workshops, Factories And Stores
Chapter 7.52. Bird Control
Chapter 7.56. Smoking At Public Meeting Places
Chapter 7.60. Sale Of Cigarettes And Tobacco Products
Chapter 7.72. Swimming Pools


Ch. 7.04. In General
Ch. 7.08. Garbage and Refuse
Ch. 7.12. Dead Animals and Offal (Not Disposed of as Garbage)
Ch. 7.20. Restaurants
Ch. 7.22. Food Establishments
Ch. 7.25. Child Care Facilities
Ch. 7.30. Water Wells
Ch. 7.40. Environmental Health Standards
Ch. 7.41. Noise
Ch. 7.42. Odor Regulation
Ch. 7.44. Workshops, Factories and Stores
Ch. 7.52. Bird Control
Ch. 7.56. Smoking at Public Meeting Places
Ch. 7.60. Sale of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products
Ch. 7.72. Swimming Pools